Mending a Depressed Relationship

Beginning a relationship is much easier and less costly than mending a depressed relationship. You could be going through a depressed moment when all you had hoped for in your relationship seem not to work. When two people get into a relationship normally they do that based on some assumptions.

At times these assumptions do not endure or other factors come on board that make them too difficult to bear. In mending a relationship that has become depressed major key is determining what are some of these assumptions that have now surfaced. Lets go through some of these assumptions:

-That My partner is perfect: More often people go into a relationship with a person they consider to be a perfect match for them. In so doing, they fail to give room for imperfections and failures. When they finally come, they start to depress the relationship since the original mindset is upset.

-That my partner will reform: This happens especially among those who have diverse lifestyles.

If you have a relationship with a person who takes excessive alcohol or drugs and hopes that his/her promise to you that they will reform actually will stand. However as times goes on, you realize that the reforms do not come as expected. Naturally the love bond begins to weaken and the relationship gets depressed.

-My love for him/her is enough: Normally it takes love to begin a relationship but it doesn't take love to ensure a relationship lasts. This assumption explains why passionate lovers will next day take each other before a judge asking for divorce. When loves begins to weaken, and relationship gets its toll of depression it is important to address this assumption. It takes more than love to sustain a relationship.

-He/she will understand: Perhaps this is the major ingredient in weakening a relationship. A relationship has trust has its major pillar. Trust has information and openness as major driving force. It is never wise to assume that your partner will understand why for instance you misused family finances, why you took long to arrive at a date or why you wore some clothes she/he doesn't like. When lack of understanding gets the relationship depressed, address this assumption.

A depressed relationship more often than not is a result of these sustained assumptions. So to address the problem its good to address these assumptions as a matter of priority.


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