What Spiritual Relationships is ?

Relationships are something that are so vital and are something that happens even without effort like family relationships. But then there are relations that also involve effort at times like that of partnering of different types. Whatever it is, most of relationships need effort to be maintained and kept alive, as those seen between partners. The longer the commitment of relationship, the more it seems it needs efforts to keep it alive. But, one relationship that needs least effort and involves least of complications is spiritual relationship. Spiritual relationship need not only mean among partners but it can be any deep relationship, deeply motivated and guided by spiritual bonding. Spiritual relationships nourish not just the physical and mental blending but also the deep bonding of emotional and soul bodies. Most spiritual relationships automatically find each other due to the law of attraction.

Such relationships meet each other not just for gratification of one's own physical, emotional and soulful needs, but also to support one and other in spiritual growth. So, it is not necessary that spiritual relationships have to be super-smooth or like the ones in fairy tales. The human being may not be aware of the other soul's need but one's higher self is aware of it all the time and keeps providing nourishment and support in all ways to the other person. One person can even put up a challenging situation in the relationship so that the other person or both face it and are able to overcome it, thus accelerating growth and evolution. But they also can be one of the best relationships one can think of if the evolution of both souls has reached higher stages. Such relationships are very nourishing and involve higher type of nourishment for each other like providing independent space, having total acceptance of each other irrespective of whatever flaws may be present in each other, being totally nonjudgmental or non-critical, easily forgiving each other and letting go very easily of whatever happens between them. In such relationship, each do not curb the other person's freewill and is ready to offer support and help in whatever situation. Such relationship will tend to naturally have very lesser or nil frictions thus promoting faster growth and deeper relationship. If you are longing for such relationships, you need not go hunting out for such but you can create them for yourself. Remember by doing so, you grow and also allow the other person to grow and thus develop a great spiritual bond. Most of the time, the people that we meet or come across in life are the spiritual relations but we are unable to see it because we expect so much from the other and usually the ego does not easily let this blend into the true spiritual relationship. So, your own relations can be slowly transformed into spiritual relations if you are able to practice patience, higher understanding than just the human view to things, accepting the person as he or she is, letting go quickly of any offense or hurt by act of forgiveness and by being totally nonjudgmental about them. These things might look too difficult but the fact is that when the other person starts enjoying these gifts from you, they sooner or later start reciprocating in the same way thus making a perfect spiritual relationship


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